Karim Rashid

Born in Cairo in 1960, he holds a bachelor of Industrial Design, received in Ottawa, Canada, and pursued his postgraduate studies in Italy. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington D.C. and a PhD Doctorate in Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto –Canada. He served as an associate Professor of Industrial Design for 10 years and he is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally.

He lives and works in New York where he opened his own studio in 1993.  He deals with interior design and architecture for hotels, restaurants and shops in the world, as well as with fashion, furniture, lighting, art and music for settings. His works are in the permanent collections of the most important museums worldwide including the M.o.M.A. in New York and S.F.M.o.M.A. in addition to exhibits in various international galleries.  For his work he received a large number of international awards and various writings dedicated to him; he is himself the author of several books.