Ora Ïto

Born in Paris in 1977, ORA-ÏTO, that means “building the imaginary”in Sioux language, is the name-trademark that the designer Pasqual-Ito Morabito created to sign his works when, out of the Ecole de création et de design, decided to give live to his own “label” of  3D virtual objects for famous brands of his generation. For each of these products he created a “false” advertising campaign and he published them in the press using well-known brands to make them appear realistic.

With the development of Internet and the success brought by underground French magazines, the collection of fictitious products circled the globe to be regarded as the first genuine virtual label. Some famous brands came immediately get to know more about this new exciting project to link image and advertising with the future of Internet, indeed they order ORA-ÏTO the same piracy artwork for their brand. ORA-ÏTO now designs real objects and is considered a multiple artist, able to sign with the same design philosophy for many international brands from fashion to interior design. He has been working for Zanotta since 2007.