Home is the memory of your future

An open space home and a photo studio with mobile walls and flexible furnishings which allow for the space to be modified to enable the inspiration for a composition or to house a constantly changing set. Milano + sofa, with its essential lines and rationally derived rigorous proportions, is featured like a silent spectator alongside the photographed faces of models and the collection of statues and sculptures made of metal thread which inhabit and populate this intriguing living room. A sinuously sensual Lama lounge chair suggests new comfort and postures, through its forms which test organic limits, embracing the body and inspiring the camera lens. This hybrid environment, through osmosis, hosts both creativity and everyday life. By exploring the space, one discovers more private areas: such as the reading nook with an Ardea CM bergère armchair; the courtyard with a Sacco for enjoying some pure relaxation in the open air; the dining area with a monolithic Elica table in Sahara Noir marble, paired with leather Dan chairs, which further emphasize the double height of the space and the hospitable atmosphere of sharing.

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Zanotta: is now

“Home is the emanation of self, the memory of your future. It is the place where memories take shape in the collection of objects, furnishings, paintings or photographs… and among those objects, your life unfolds and your future is built. The home contains the traces of your life; it is the mirror of who you are.” 

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