We love open spaces

A home which emphasizes materials, where each architectural element is valorized and left on display.
A metropolitan open space with brick walls and vintage advertising signs. When you enter, your keys can be placed on the condominium post boxes converted into an entrance furnishing; jackets and bags can be placed on the poles of the iconic Sciangai clothes-stand, and you are immediately welcomed into the living area by the Shiki sofa with huge Japanese futon-inspired cushions, which invites you to sit down and sink into a pleasurable sensation of comfort. Antique rural tools are displayed on raw concrete shelves nestled inside window nooks, alongside artwork, modern pieces and travel souvenirs, to create a stratification of passions and experiences. Gilda CM reclining armchairs in leather are found in several spots in the living room, forming informal hubs for reading and conversation. Otherwise, one can opt for a brief rest seated in dynamic equilibrium on Sella, by the Castiglioni brothers, placed amongst a collection of “objet trouvé” which includes an old parking meter with a sign indicating the hours when stopping is prohibited and one risks forced removal.

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Zanotta: is now

“We love open spaces, where everything is in sight, nothing is hidden. For us, life should be lived like a journey, where the important thing isn’t the destination, but what you experience in the meantime. A trip for which we pack light and return loaded. Loaded with energy, but also many objects and memories.” 

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