Bruno Munari


A life of inventions and daring actions: he participated in the Futurism movement at a very young age and invented the humorous macchine aeree (1930) and macchine inutile (1933). He, Gillo Dorfles and others are founding members of the MAC (Arte Concreta movement) for a synthesis between art, communication and technical innovation.
He designs tens of successful furnishing pieces, holds courses at the Brera picture gallery and starts up creative and thrilling laboratories. But it is in Japan that Munari absorbs his love for design, packaging and applied art.

And it is precisely at the boundary between design, craftwork and artistic practice that he meets Zanotta, giving life to extremely original and poetic pieces. These are put into production in a limited series for the Zanotta Edizioni collection: the Singer chair (1945, still in the catalogue), the Codadirondine coffee table, the Suegiù stepladder-bedside table, the Firmamento headboard and the Spiffero screen (all 1989, now out of production).

(note: the products Codadirondine, Suegiù, Firmamento, Spiffero mentioned in this article have been discontinued)