Ardea CM

Homage to Carlo Mollino - 1946
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扶手椅/法式软垫高背扶手椅。  底座为本色或黑色光漆实心橡木, 或本色实心Canaletto胡桃木;蜡光漆面。 钢架结构, 配以弹力条悬挂。 坐垫内芯填充自熄性聚氨酯泡棉/热粘合聚酯纤维。 布料或真皮外层护套可拆卸。

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The home will be the mould of the world

Ardea CM is a bergère armchair created for conversation, a tribute to the one designed by Mollino in 1946 for Minola House. 
The backrest is folded inwards, so as to create a headrest with "ears", in which to find a more peaceful and cozy ambience. The back has been made even more comfortable and fully supports the body.

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