Milan / Achille Castiglioni 100th.

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In the year of his 100th birthday Zanotta pay tribute to Achille Castiglioni with a special edition of two iconic products and with a roadshow at the best dealers worldwide.

Shared initiatives with the Castiglioni Foundation to develop a mutual plan of activities, with the aim to celebrate the Master and his unsurpassed ability to look at design with the lens of search, irony and invention, interpreting the daily life with intelligence.

Zanotta introduce the re-edition of two projects in 2018:

Albero, the witty vase holder (designed in 1983) enters the catalogue again with brand new shades.

, the multi-functional service table is presented in a higher version compared to the original design, also to fit places aside a sofa.

On February 21 at the Former Excise Buildings (Porta Garibaldi) Zanotta continue the celebrations, opened by the show “100x100 Achille” at Foundation, setting up a special showcase to display the iconic projects and inviting designers, journalists, clients, trade professionals and dealers for a devoted night.

Zanotta is also the promoter of a travelling cultural project: a selection of Italian and foreign dealers will host the Castiglioni’s micro-worlds at their own showrooms, i.e.small booths dedicated to 4 of the most famous products. They are modular spaces that describe Albero, Cumano, Mezzadro, Sella, not only showing the object but the ideas, the sketches, the design process behind them, taking inspiration from the popular culture and from the anonymous objects and timeless archetypes.