Thun / The exhibition "Achille Castiglioni 100th" opened yesterday.

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To celebrate the centennial from the Master’s birth, the exhibition “Zanotta: Achille Castiglioni 100th” opened yesterday at the Konzephalle 6.

Another important step in the 2018 celebrations that are paying homage to the genius Achille and his special relationship with Zanotta, which still has in its collection, a large number of emblematic products that are also displayed in the setting.

Wanted and organized by DasKonzept, our important Swiss partner, the event hosted Giuliano Mosconi, president of Zanotta and Tecno as a speaker, who lead the guests to discover the Master and explained his vision in re-interpreting the Zanotta and Tecno mutual project, which more and more welcomes the demands of the new “consum-authors”.