Zanotta stages daily life


A series of video shorts, featuring animated drawings by Michele Bernardi and Penelope Jossen, describes the Back to emotions collection with its products, people and daily life.

The illustrated language, which is soft and empathic, expresses the relationship that the new collection from Zanotta establishes with people and the interaction with the different rooms in the house. The editing is engaging, warmed by watercolour shades and punctuated by sounds and noises created specifically to emphasise the action and capture its authenticity. 

The gaze is guided through a series of windows that look out on the personal worlds of different characters to capture fragments of everyday life and reveal intimate moments of life within the walls of the house: the welcoming, serene feeling of coming home after a long day; a hug for the excitement of a life together in a new home; a musical, carefree meeting with friends relaxing on the sofa; the moment seized by a child to break a rule in total freedom; a computer closed down at the end of a day smart-working and a touch of lipstick that announces a night out; the play and laughter of two children chasing each other between the sheets hung out in the sun that evoke a dimension of simplicity and light-heartedness.

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