At the Teatro Regio in Turin

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"Sempre salva la fantasia"

To celebrate the figure of Carlo Mollino and to present the renewed collection, we organized a jazz musical performance at the Teatro Regio in Turin: Sempre salva la fantasia by Carlo Mollino. * The Teatro Regio in Turin, designed between 1964 and 1973 is known as the building in the city most representative of the stylistic code of Mollino architect that remained as it was.  

A tribute to the design culture that with Mollino becomes fully ar

The pieces of the Mollino collection 2020 dialogue with the suggestive architecture through music that enhances the beauty of the forms, accompanies the structural virtuosity imprinted in the wood, crosses the transparency of the glass and dissolves in the texture of the refined fabrics.

* Closed doors event due to contingent Covid-19 emergency and consequent lockdown.