The new Mollino Collection CM 2020

Carlo Mollino - articolo 1-2 MOLLINO_ARTICOLO1

Eight objects to recount the home with a timeless stylistic language.

The renewed Mollino Collection 2020 arises from a meticulous process of philological research made in the last year, to make our products more faithful to the drawings and Carlo Mollino’s original sketches, thanks to the integration of a technological innovation process.

The project was born as a reinterpretation of the Carlo Mollino collection that Zanotta created with meticulous attention and a semi-artisan production process. The polyhedric and eclectic character of Carlo Mollino's work perfectly expresses the Zanotta Vision.” Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of Zanotta

The CM 2020 Collection is a philological reinterpretation

Zanotta is framing the collection as a tribute and not as a reissue, because Mollino is truly unique in his genre. Carlo Mollino did not design for industrial production, but instead collaborated with artisans and other figures who worked on the original design, modifying it as part of a concerted effort. His designs and sketches were documents conceived and designed to be discussed in the workshop. 

Considering this approach, by analysing documents (thanks also to the collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, owner of the CM archive) we worked for bringing back the Mollino furnishing pieces into the homes and every day’s life, object of the contemporary living with a careful attention to materials, finishes, details and components.