Florence, 3 November: appointment with Quaderna

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Zanotta, in collaboration with its historical partner Self Habitat, showcases the Quaderna series enriched by the three original and brand-new projects - desk, coffee table and carpet - presented and put into production for the first time this year to celebrate the 50th birthday of the iconic furniture collection signed by Superstudio and recognised as a symbol of Radical design.
The space will be characterised by a total square look recalling the histogram theory and the vision of the world defined by Superstudio in which places, objects and people are connected in an orthogonal, equipotential and infinite grid, from which the idea of a series of neutral furnishings, resolved with regular , rigorous and perfect geometric shapes, originates. 
Architect and design lecturer David Palterer will speak at the event with an excursus on Superstudio's path and the genesis of the collection.

Thursday November 3rd at 6,30 pm | Self Habitat viale De Amicis 169, Florence