Zanotta in Paris

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The Zanotta 2020 novelties are displayed in a suggestive setting at Maison Ozenfant in Paris, the house-atelier designed by Le Corbusier in 1922 for the artist Amédée Ozenfant. The inner space of Maison Ozenfant, as it is pure, clear, essential, becomes the background where the products of the 2020 Back to Emotion collection dialogue with those already in the catalogue as well as with the latest pieces of Carlo Mollino CM 2020 collection. 
Zanotta stages everyday life and the essence of the project in a home-feeling setting that represents different furnishing solutions for the house. One brand experience that communicates the company's projectual vision focused on product quality, comfort, ergonomics, research, sustainability and functionality. The exhibition is dedicated to the French commercial network and to local specialized press, and was intended for putting all the novelties at disposal locally in order to give our partners and journalists to see them in real.

Maison Ozenfant
53 - Avenue Reille 
75014 Paris
Until November 5th