Exhibition "La tradizione del nuovo" from July 15, 2022 at La Triennale, Milan

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"La tradizione del nuovo" is an exhibition project curated by Marco Sammicheli on design research, telling how Italian design has always had a courageous and dedicated approach to exploration. On display are works, installations, documents, creative processes and experiments that contributed to the development of society by touching on sociological, commercial, ecological, technological and cultural aspects between 1964 and 1996. The exhibition layout, designed by Zaven, showcases materials, methods of design and project culture by tracing new formal and creative paths to renew the process of experimentation and discovery inherent in applied research in Italian design.
Zanotta is present with  a few unique objects of singular design, an expression of design and production innovation, experimentation with alternative execution techniques and intuition of novel solutions, among which we remind: 
Karelia by Liisi Beckmann from 1967, one of the first frameless armchairs, made entirely of polyurethane foam characterized by its wave-like surface recognized as a nonconformist pop icon of 1960s furniture and a symbol of freedom. From this year it has been re-issued in a new edition offering improved comfort in the lumbar area thanks to a double density polyurethane, with a new iridescent bielastic fabric with outstanding technical performances;
the Regina armchair by Paolo Deganello from 1992 is a material and formal research expressed in the material combinations and the enveloping design of the cowhide backrest with integrated armrests and headrest that cover a steel frame; the seat is made of wicker;
the Trichio coffee table by Corrado Levi from 1989 is an object that is positioned between contemporary art and high craftsmanship, it consists of two glass tops laid on bowling balls of different colors to create two support surfaces at overlapping levels; it is a signed piece belonging to the  Edizioni collection, it travels along less established paths to respond to the daily needs of living,  giving amazement and a smile.
On display other pieces already included in the Museum collection, among which: the Quaderna table, belonging to the iconic collection-manifesto of "Radical Design" where the black and white mesh represents the visionary utopia of the 70s, designed by the Superstudio group; and the Birillo futuristic stool with its "anthropomorphic" shapes designed by Joe Colombo in 1970.

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