Nurnberg/Exhibition Bau (Spiel) Haus from 22nd March 16th June, 2019


The table Quaderna designed by Superstudio and manufactured by Zanotta since 1971...

...will be hosted at the exhibition BAU [SPIEL] HAUS. The Neues Museum in Nurnberg celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus foundation with an exhibition focused on connections between the culture of the game and the innovations of didactic thoughts and method introduced by the Bauhaus. The show investigates the inclusion of the concepts of game in the creative development and the playful approach while teaching; it develops the theme of the game as strategy and resource in the artistic search and expression, as natural human impulse driving design and technological development, with references to the past and tracking down in the present and in the future the inheritance of the Bauhaus.

The Superstudio project from which the Quaderna range was conceived, perfectly fits into this narrative path: everything was born in 1969 with the “Histograms of the architecture”, experimental volumes built with playful approach and based on one orthogonal grid that can be over and over adapted. A unique and unrepeatable range of furniture took shape, regular geometric shapes covered with white checkered laminate (specifically created by Abet Print based on Superstudio drawing, called Misura) and featuring simple yet perfect volumes. Zanotta put Quaderna into production in 1971 with the courage of whom likes always experimenting.