Zanotta partner of the exhibition "Take your seat. Solitude and conviviality of the chair", organized by ADI.

Allunaggio(1) Fenis Sacco Singer-ok

Take Your Seat. Solitude and conviviality of the chair is an exhibition dedicated to the chair, the most iconic object able to synthetize the value of design itself. The exhibition, including thirty chairs awarded with Compasso d’Oro Prize and more than eighty honour mentions, is curated by Nina Bassoli and showcases one of the endless stories that can be unfolded by urging the ADI archive and telling in this setting how design from 1954 to today has conveyed languages and contents through the great changes of society and how it has been able to react to new cultural paradigms every time with new inventions of sitting and new values.
Among the seats on display are some of the most iconic "inventions" of Zanotta
Singer by Bruno Munari, the chair for very short visits with bold proportions and deformed perspective, given by the inclination of the seat that allows a support but prevents you from sitting. 
Allunaggio, the aerial, futuristic, provocative and ironic outdoor seat designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni that, inspired by the theme of the journey to the Moon, gives shape to an unprecedented and bizarre garden seat with the aim of projecting a minimal shadow on the lawn so as not to hinder its growth. 
Sacco by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro, the pop, ergonomic, deconstructed and nomadic armchair that has revolutionized the concept of sitting by introducing new postures and gestures in people's homes.
Fenis CM by Carlo Mollino, the sculpture chair dug into solid wood with a sinuous morphology designed to conform to the ergonomics of the spinal column: a unique model of its kind, innovative in shape and solid in materials.