Table Toi, a useful object.

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An authentic small table-complement, designed by Salvatore Indriolo for Zanotta, where technology is at service of functionality.

“It’s a furnishing complement with a timeless appearance which, thanks to a hidden mechanism that allows the top to rotate, has a generous hidden organizer compartment, perfect for storing all those small objects that are part of our everyday lives. The decentralized rotational fulcrum is the design’s engineering pivot which enables it to house a double function.” The words of its creator, designer Salvatore Indriolo, describe the main characteristics of Toi, a practical small table that is discreet and easy to collocate in any domestic setup, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. Indriolo is a young Venetian designer with whom Zanotta already works producing his White Shell night/coffee table (winner of the Zanotta-Cristalplant® 2010 Design Contest). A passion for innovative materials and simplified shapes distinguish Indriolo’s work. “The link between White Shell and Toi is the utilization of just one material for the frame, which is monumental and robust. For Toi we chose polyurethane, with internal reinforcement in steel, molded in one piece with no breaks between top, base and pedestal. To this, a swivel top in plywood and aluminum was added, perfect for achieving strength and subtlety.”

Talking with the designer one discovers that the idea of Toi, a classical shape in the Saarinen style, was born from a piece of furniture belonging to his family, “It was an old table from the 1800s, kept in our house in the country. It had a small drawer only 4cm high, which I discovered was ideal for storing everyday objects that we use and want to keep safe; keys, mobiles, wallets or glasses... I wanted to reproduce it in a minimalistic and modern way for the homes of today.” The name Toi, a play on the word toy, was felt by all, to be the most appropriate one. “It recalls both its usefulness and its sense of fun and is a complement that can be put wherever it’s needed. Simple and intelligent. In keeping with so many pieces Zanotta has produced since the times of Achille Castiglioni and Joe Colombo, if I may be so bold as to place my name next to two such prestigious Zanotta designers.” Toi’s frame and the pedestal in polyurethane are varnished black, white, red or light blue with a satin finish. The top, in aluminum covered plywood, swivels 360° to reveal an organizer compartment. 50cm high, base and top have a diameter of 42 cm.