Collection 2021

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Intimacy tells the story of living spaces that change over time, sharing their existence and transformations. It narrates our deep relationship with the objects that surround us and are integral to our personality and personal history.

In continuity with 2020's Back to emotions collection, Intimacy interprets the need for authentic, concrete design expressed in objects full of meaning, functional but with a soul, conceived to accompany us throughout our lives. A room is not just a neutral location filled with furniture, but is rather a silent witness to our lives, a space which changes and grows with us, gathers up our memories and feelings, and recounts our truest and most private moments.
In line with its philosophy “Focus on people”, Zanotta considers the project to be a bearer of meaning that establishes a relationship with the user: designs become timeless products, intended to be used throughout our lives and passed on to coming generations.Zanotta adopts an ethical approach focussed on usability and the search for the essence of design. For Zanotta, sustainability is linked to specific design choices and the concept of “good design”: this means functional, recognisable, authentic products whose meaning and form never age. It means using a few, simple components which are easy to assemble and take apart, made of high quality, natural materials which never become obsolete and are easy to recycle at the end of their life. It means using standardised methods to test the strength and durability of the product, and flatpack packaging to save space and optimise shipping. 

Intimacy is a wide ranging collection, made of an innovative new product and a number of extensions to existing important product ranges already in the catalogue:

Ambrosiano, the new modular table for residential and contract applications, designed by Studio Mist-o – the exciting Italian/Japanese design duo – reinterprets the conventional trestle table in a contemporary key as a system with a large number of tops in different materials and innumerable configurations;

Tweed Mini, low tables designed by Garcia Cumini to accompany large island sofas, whose forms and finishes match the dining table collection of the same name launched in 2017;

Pianoalto, the collection of longseller sofas designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, has been expanded with two new curved elements which make possible completely new sinuous, open configurations, ideal for waiting rooms and common areas in hotels and offices;

Dan outdoor, the chair designed by Patrick Norguet and launched in 2020, with its coloured elastic strap structure, is now also available in an outdoors version to confirm its identity as ideal for both the home and contract applications;

Maggiolina, Marco Zanuso's iconic armchair, returns to the catalogue in an original version with fabric cushions.

The fabric

Sustainability is also central to the company's research into fabrics, with three new exclusive Zanotta innovations launched in 2021, made of regenerated yarns like recycled cotton, natural fibres like linen and long-lasting yarns like acrylic chenille, with its outstanding physical and mechanical performance.