A matter of leather


Strictly European, the “grain layer” (the most prestigious section of animal leather) is selected in its places of origin and is directly processed by the most qualified tanners. The leather Extra, Super and Nappa increase the range of prestigious, natural upholstery used by Zanotta, which naturally pays careful attention to the materials implemented. These are top products in the range due to the choice leather, tanning method with a low chemical content, naturalness and softness of the surface and their resistance and ability to satisfy a large number of stylistic and practical needs. The “delicate” way in which the leather is processed not only has a low environmental impact, but also highlights the material’s quality and natural characteristics. In an era in which the furnishing and fashion-related tanning industry tends to use chemicals to transform coarse leather of little value into aesthetically- manipulated “perfect” leather not bearing any resemblance to its natural, original appearance, Zanotta chooses the nobility of the most integral and purest nature. Each layer presents its history on the surface: marks and subtle differences in grain and colour are typical characteristics highlighting the authenticity and naturalness of true leather. These irregularities are generally more visible in better quality leather, as they have not been “covered up” but have been willingly treated with a slightly covering finish – as with Nappa leather- or with a noncovering one such as for Extra leather. The Super leather has small natural irregularities slightly visible thanks to the surface treatment with aniline and waxes.

Extra leather is the top of the line because: it is obtained from top-quality coarse coats (Western Europe); it undergoes highly selective quality controls; it is a full-grained leather dyed in a vat with pure aniline-based colouring agents; it is fairly soft, thanks to the top, natural currying methods used; it is not finished and becomes more beautiful as time passes; its natural marks create different colours and shades, guaranteeing genuine and charming pieces. The Super leather is a full-grained leather with very natural aspect, penetrating aniline dyeing and wax and aniline finish, extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Nappa is truly of excellent quality, because: it originates from coarse coats selected from top-quality sources (Western Europe); it is a full-grained leather dyed in a vat and finished quality with dispersed fine pigments; it is soft and silky to the touch.