The chair Dan selected by ADI Design Index 2021

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Dan, the chair designed by Patrick Norguet for Zanotta in 2020, has been selected by ADI Design Index 2021 and competes at the next Compasso d’Oro award.
Radical, innovative and expressive, Dan is a table chair designed for the home and contract markets. Available with and without armrests, even in the outdoor version, it is synthesized in a few components: seat and backrest are made with elastic straps stretched and fixed on a slender structure with a retractable interlocking system.The straps are the result of technological research that originates in the automotive industry, they guarantee high performance in terms of tightness, resistance and comfort. The bent and painted tubular steel frame (in iron gray or matt black) is thin and essential and consists of a few elements, without screws. The chair can be easily disassembled in the parts for any maintenance needs and at the end of their life the individual components are recyclable.
Dan is a customizable product that allows you to express the identity of those who choose it and establish a dialogue with those who use it at home, in the office, in a café or in a restaurant. The straps in fact, in addition to being functional to create the seat, are a potential element of personalized communication offering the possibility of overwriting a word, a phrase or affixing graphic elements that you want to insert in the furnishing of an environment to further characterize it.
Dan is a chair that communicates.
ADI Design Index 2021 represents the final stage towards the 2021 Compasso d'Oro ADI: the publication was presented on October 27 at ADI Design Museum in Milan. 
The ADI Design Index 2021 exhibition will be open until November 7th in Milan, then it will be transferred to the Auditorium della Tecnica in Rome, from November 18th onwards.
From September 22 to 24 the Dan chair will be displayed at the exhibition on Compasso d'Oro that will take place at the Find Fair in Singapore.