Zanotta at the exhibition "Italia Geniale. Design enables" at Expo Dubai

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In the Pavilion Italia at Expo Dubai the exhibition "Italia Geniale.Design Enables" opens during the Dubai Design Week.It is an excursus through the product and design innovations of Made in Italy which are universally appreciated.
Organized by ADI and ADI Design Museum for the Ministry of Economic Development, with the curatorship of Carlo Martino (University La Sapienza, Rome) and Francesco Zurlo (Milan Polytechnic) the exhibition starts from the enhancement of the heritage of trademarks and patents of our Country, ranging from history, material culture and technical culture, to intertwine with the history of design.The exhibition is developed on five themes - imaginable, workable, relationable, liveable and moveable - and exhibits some of the icons of Italian design - including the Sacco armchair by Zanotta - which have profoundly influenced everyday life, but also the most recent and innovative projects and the most cutting-edge technological research to accompany the visitor on a journey through the evolution and characteristics of the most creative products, showing how to realize, stimulate and drive innovation. 
Open at Expo Dubai - Italian Pavilion from 8 to 22 November 2021.