Zanotta collaborates with Kunstmuseum in Bonn for Maria Lassnig exhibition

With almost 40 works, the Kunstmuseum Bonn in Germany presents a monographic exhibition on the artistic production of Maria Lassing (1919 - 2014) that highlights the focus of her work: the examination of herself, her body perception and the presence of the other. In the process of creating an image, Lassnig not only focuses on the visual perception that is possibile through the eyes, but considers and uses her entire body.
In an almost visionary way, her works restore and make visible our body sensations in relation to themes such as self-isolation and inadequacies in social communication, outlining an expressive style that in times of pandemic and experience of isolation and introspection acquires even more a very current relevance for viewers.
A series of Sacco armchairs have been included in the exhibition and made available to visitors because, lacking a predefined shape, are objects that lead to reflect on the body itself: designed to conform to the person, allow the body to express itself freely by choosing the most comfortable and comfortable position to sit and feel at ease.
The exhibition is open  from February 10 to May 8, 2022.