Milan / Zanotta and Salvioni pay homage to the city of Milan with Interno Milanese

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Starting November 15th, 2018 until the end of January 2019 the event Interno Milanese will be displayed at the showroom Salvioni Milano Durini in via Durini 3, an exhibition and cultural project conceived by Zanotta and Salvioni.

This project arises with the intention to recreate the atmosphere of a typical Milanese apartment, using some decoration elements and furniture pieces which contributed to make the story of design and lifestyle, either historical pieces and contemporary proposals in a brand-new setting.

With Interno Milanese Zanotta and Salvioni wanted to share their vision, suggesting a way to look into the houses, reminding languages and functions that express an urban taste and – at the same time – represent the contemporary urban living spaces, suggesting possible solutions for tomorrow. And from the inside you can look outside, through the illustrations by Carlo Stanga taken from the book I am Milan edited by Moleskine.

The opening - on invitation – took place on November 15th at 6,00 pm, the exact time for the happy hour. The drinks will be prepared by Maurizio Stocchetto from Bar Basso, a Milanese historical spot where the Negroni Sbagliato cocktail was invented, which has become the meeting place for design fans over the years: a Milanese touch that could not miss to give the event a special taste.