New Art Direction appointment


Zanotta - a historic Italian design company - entrusts the Art Direction of the brand to architects Calvi Brambilla.The assignment focuses on directing and supervising aspects that contri-bute to expressing Zanotta's personality and global image - from product to communication - with the goal of conveying the future vision on con-temporary living through a strong identity consistent with its history. 
The appointment represents a natural evolution of the consolidated and long-lasting partnership between Zanotta and the two designers Fabio Calvi and Pao-lo Brambilla, who over the years, at trade fairs and institutional events, have been the creators of the exhibit design and curators of evocative narratives capable of narrating Zanotta's identity and philosophy.

Calvi Brambilla, Art Director Zanotta: "We are proud to begin this collabora-tion with Zanotta in the role of art directors and very happy to inaugurate the new chapter of a long history. Starting from the reinterpretation of an important legacy, marked by collabora-tion with the greatest designers, we aim to create a collection that enhances the freshness of the designs and the quality of the details and materials that have always distinguished the brand's catalogue".

Giuliano Mosconi, President of Zanotta: "I am really pleased with this relationship already experienced in years of working together in the company's presentations on the market and in the recent Lab project in Nova Milanese. Their knowledge of the company and their creative experience will help in the development of a more global dimension of the brand".