Zanotta Stand at Salone 2023

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The 2023 exhibition concept returned to being a sequence of settings for visitors to enjoy and uncover. An architecture distinguished by a regular pace marked by three very simple yet concurrently iconic elements. The rectangular concrete-look module is set up with two more yellow modules: the glazed one with a frame and the “ventilating” one with a pattern of staggered round slots, a tribute to the Castiglioni Brothers who often used this functional and concurrently graphic solution in their designs. Inside, the products are ready to be enjoyed, at the visitor’s fingertips and in no way staged. The blueprint, which revolves around a series of linear and curved steel backdrops, gives rise to a journey of discovery: new products are gradually revealed to the visitor, coexisting and liaising harmoniously with icons and historic products. The spaces are laid out in sequence yet they come together, immersing visitors into the world of Zanotta through a series of engaging environments that celebrate past, present and future. A consistent and powerful image that reflects and embraces Zanotta’s vision and values, bringing together tradition and innovation to interpret contemporary lifestyles. The use of an extremely intense and strong yellow reflects the potent personality of the brand, which has always been synonymous with products with a recognisable personality, clever objects that go straight to the essence of design, objects that dare, that are often disruptive, capable of setting new styling trends and launching innovative and unconventional furnishing solutions.
The styling project by Elena Mora is completed by the impressive partnership with Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia and Francesca Minini, Milano which curated, alongside Studio Calvi Brambilla, a careful selection of art works by contemporary young artists, brought together by the topic of representing people and stories related to them.This leitmotif ties this latest exhibition project in with previous ones, the tale of the world of Zanotta made up of objects with a soul, that become part of people’s homes and people’s lives.
As regards sustainability, the Zanotta booth was designed without the use of glues, making it easy to disassemble simply by separating the architectural elements and the materials.

Artworks by Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia
Francesca Minini, Milan

Photo 4: Painting by Jacopo Benassi 2018
Photo 5: Untitled by Paul P. 2012
Photo 8: Pogo by Jacopo Benassi 2018