Live the future today

Just a few select furnishing elements incarnate a lifestyle of simplicity, focused on individual passions and professional aspirations. This is the home of a computer engineering student who is addicted to high-tech, appreciates design, keeps up with fashion, is passionate about illustration and science fiction films like Star Wars and an avid reader of magazines specialized in technology and innovation. The living room is an expression of total liberty: next to the elegant William leather sofa, he works out with barbells and dumbbells. Sacco armchair is the ideal companion where he can rest while connected to the numerous electronic devices which he keeps neatly within reach on the Quaderna bench, alongside fiction books and school materials. The furnishings are complete with Echino side tables topped with satined nichel and blown glass legs which provide a colourful filter for the perimetric LED lighting, creating a lounge-like atmosphere with faint reflections and delicate shadows. 1600x1200_con persone_11casa.jpg
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Zanotta: is now

“Rule n. 1 always live your origins, live the future today. Rule n. 2 always live in the future, live your origins today.” 

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