Zanotta at the exhibition "Italia Sessanta. Arte, Moda e Design" in Gorizia

Zanotta is pleased to announce its participation in "Italia Sessanta. Art, Fashion and Design. Dal Boom al Pop ", an exhibition dedicated to the socio-political and artistic changes responsible for the birth of new needs, new visions and new approaches - even provocative ones - on the way of living, living, working, dressing and spending free time. 
The exhibition, curated by Carla Cerutti for the selection of design works, will be hosted in the wonderful Palazzo Attems Petzenstein in Gorizia, from 29 June to 29 October.
The project is an ideal continuation of the exhibition "Italia Cinquanta. Fashion and Design. Nascita di uno stile", also held at Palazzo Attems Petzenstein in 2023. 

A historical company and symbol of Italian design in the world, Zanotta participates in the exhibition with two historical pieces: Allunaggio designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1965 and Karelia designed in 1966 by Liisi Beckmann. The outdoor seat Allunaggio, represented a real revolution, unique in the history of design, as the three slender legs that move as far away as possible from the seating element they support - to "make as little shadow as possible" - recall an object "landed" from another planet. The Karelia armchair, on the other hand, was one of the first frameless armchairs, made entirely of polyurethane foam. A non-conformist pop icon of 1960s furniture and a symbol of freedom.