Ettore Sottsass

Born in Innsbruck in 1917, he got his degree in 1939 and started his career in Milan in 1947.
He was involved in research and formal experimentation in a variety of fields of expression. He participated in many of Milan's Triennale shows; he was a commissioner in the international section of the 15th exhibition.

During the 1970s Sottsass played a lead part in radical architecture and was among the founders of the School for free creativity “Global Tools”; at the same time he wrote for Domus and Casabella.
He took part in the major design exhibitions and also staged in numerous one-man shows. He was the conceiver of Memphis, one of the most interesting phenomenon in the field of furniture and object design.  He did various kinds of teaching; along with his trips abroad to research on various cultures, he held lectures and seminars around the world, achieving a lot of acknowledgments, including a “honorary” degree at the London Royal College of Art.

His works and critic interventions are featured in the leading international reviews of architecture and design and they are documented in essays and monographs dedicated to him. He has been working for Zanotta since 1981. He died in 2007.