Sacco is awarded with the Compasso d’Oro ADI for its lifetime achievement.

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Who better than Sacco can interpret the innovative strength of Italian design?
In the year in which ADI inaugurates the Design Museum - where the collection of projects that have made the history of Made in Italy since 1954 will be displayed - the Association and the Foundation give Zanotta the Compasso d'Oro for Sacco’s lifetime achievement (design Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro).

More than 50 years from its concept, Sacco still represents a disruptive and revolutionary project: it does not have legs, backrest or seat, but its shape adapts to whom is sitting on it. Sacco defines a brand-new typology breaking the traditional schemes and rules: in line with the values that marked the period during which it was designed. That year, 1968, was in the midst of a period of great ideologies, it stood out as the achievement of free posture, the overcoming of fixed positions imposed by the social conventions. This is why Sacco has been able to overcome cultural barriers, becoming an object recognized by everyone: it appeared in numerous movie scenes, on stamps dedicat-ed to the Italian design icons and in the funny Peanuts cartoons, as well as in fashion, art, sports on many different occasions. Selected for the Compasso d’Oro award in 1970, it was displayed in the New York’s MoMA at the legendary exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic landscape” in 1972 and is included in the collections of a large number of museums around the world.

It is a kind of furniture piece that fits any home because it is timeless, goes beyond trends and styles, a universal object by definition, designed to adapt to every person and room. A true example of good design, democratic, transversal, innovative, functional, beautiful. Sacco is an expression of freedom because it is for all people and because on Sacco we all become equal, beyond any social class and gender, “disruptive since 1968.

This is why people love Sacco so much that immediately became a commercial success, still a best-seller today, as well as phenomenon in the interior design. A completely eco-green model, was added recently to the range of this emblematic product that well relates the identity of the Zanotta brand and expresses its capability to launch new languages and grasp and interpret the changes in customs and society. Just to mention the words by Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of Zanotta, «Sacco is much more than an armchair, it is an idea, a symbol of freedom and imagina-tion, a must-have piece since more than 50 years».

The award ceremony of the XXVI Compasso d’Oro was held on September 9th in Milan at the new ADI Design Museum (via Ceresio 7) together with the inauguration of the exhibition that gathers all the projects selected for the 2020 edition.

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