The Bruno Mathsson Prize 2021 to Monica Förster - Vandalorum Museum of Art and Design

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The swedish design Monica Förster is the winner of the prestigious Bruno Mathsson Prize 2021, the most important design award in the nordic Country, which has been assigned every year since 1984. 

On November 20th the award ceremony was held at Vandalorum Museum of Art and Design in Värnamo and at the same time the exhibition with the products designed by Monica Förster was inaugurated.
Karin and Bruno Mathsson's fund board, which awards the prize, writes in the explanatory statement "The drive to test new shapes, techniques and materials is impressive in Monica Förster's extensive production. Her international design dialogues surprise and amaze, as does the mix of full and empty spaces in his creative expressions." 
Among the products on display, the Tucano desk designed for Zanotta, ether and material at the same time, is a project that well expresses the designer's design philosophy: quality of materials, durability of the product, technological research and formal innovation. Tucano consists of a tubular structure of bent steel that creates the support for a thin cowhide top, made in a single piece, which lies on the structure, leaving some parts uncovered. The attention to detail can be seen in the corner fittings with the visible rivets that fasten and join the two cowhide flaps folded on the front and side of the top.

photo by John Nelander and Patrick Lindell