The sofa Za:Za wins the Compasso d'Oro

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Zanotta is proud to announce that the ADI - Association for Industrial Design - has awarded the Za:Za sofa, designed by Zaven, with the XXVIII Compasso D'Oro, the prestigious award dedicated to the best Italian design.

The ADI has awarded the innovative features and sustainability aspects of Za:Za, which introduces a new frontier in the sofa production, presenting a construction system, inspired by the hammock principle, which accommodates and suspends the upholstered elements. A tubular steel structure supports slackened straps in suspension and creates a housing for the arm, back and seat cushions that are juxtaposed on the metal skeleton as in a tailored suit.
In terms of sustainability, Za:Za is the result of a process of breaking down and rationalising the elements of the sofa and reducing its components to the essentials. It takes into account production and recycling cycles: the sofa is easily disassembled, adopts recycled and recyclable materials, the use of glues is completely eliminated, and the different upholstery layers are inserted inside individual pockets in the recycled and recyclable polyester inner lining. In addition, regenerated polyester spheres allow the use of polyurethane to be minimised and guarantee an excellent enveloping comfort.
The Za:Za sofa perfectly reflects Zanotta's commitment to environmental sustainability. Using only recycled and recyclable materials, Za:Za is more than a sofa: it is a manifesto of ecological responsibility.

Over the years Zanotta’s collection has been recognised with several important international awards, including four Compasso D'Oro: the first product to win this important award was Guscio in 1967, the unique living unit designed by Roberto Menghi; followed by the Sciangai coat stand by De Pas, D'urbino, Lomazzi in 1979 and the Tonietta chair by Enzo Mari in 1987. In 2020 the ADI delivered the Lifetime Achievement Award to the iconic Sacco by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro, while in 2022 the Compasso D'Oro mention has been attributed to the Dan chair by Patrick Norguet.

Zanotta continues to amaze the design world not only with high-end aesthetics and functionality, but also with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, proving that design and environmental responsibility can and should go hand in hand.

Based on the success of the Za:Za sofa, Zanotta presented the Za:Za Max sofa at Milan Design Week 2024, on the occasion of the brand's 70th Anniversary. This evolution maintains the previous model's commitment to environmental sustainability while providing maximum comfort thanks to a deeper seat. New modular elements have also been introduced - two new elements and a pouf - allowing different configurations, as well as stimulating creativity in space furnishing.

All the winning projects of this edition of the Compasso D'Oro Award will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition at the ADI Museum in Milan from June 20 to September 15 and will officially become part of the ADI Compasso d'Oro Collection, permanently exhibited in the Museum.

Photo #1 and #2 by Roberto De Riccardis