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Zanotta Stories: Back to emotions
Virtual tour | The Milan showroom is open again with a new setting

Zanotta inaugurates the re-opening of its Milan showroom at Casello Daziario in Piazza XXV Aprile, staging the daily life and refocusing on the core of the project.Many stories that build atmospheres,suggest interpretations and return solutions.

The home environments can be customized according to one’s needs, living them in total freedom, the functions fade and offer new options. In the wide living room that welcomes the guest, this idea of home is immediately offered by the new sofa Dove, a nest where you can chat, read, work, cuddle yourself. Those who comfortably sit on the bergère Ardea CM listen to the conversation that is held on the sofas or flip through a newspaper; the coffee tables Graphium, Servomuto and Tempo are service areas to support books, computer, glasses and complete the comfortable and relax-ing living area to enjoy alone or in the company of friends, to share with family or with the loved one.In the next room you can tell about what happened during the day, by eating some-thing together, play with children or make a video-call with colleagues around the iconic table Reale CM, vital centre of a dining room that becomes informal and dynamic with the chairs Dan in cowhide and the stool Mezzadro, as well as with the  storage unit Carlino CM.
The metropolitan citizen works partially at home and his home-office is in continuous evolution: he focuses gently cradling on the tilting lounge chair Rider, organizes a meeting with employees “embraced” by the armchairs Nena while his notes lay on the tables Tweed, he transforms and moves the shelves of Joy depending on the ma-terials to be stored, develops projects at his desk Cavour CM and if he happens to welcome someone, here is the folding chair April. 
It’s almost night but there’s still time to indulge your passions and the bedroom turns into a multifunctional suite. After noting a last-minute reminder sitting on Tonietta in front of the desk Tucano, the mind travels freely while listening to good music, snuggled into the armchair Gilda CM, the hot cup of tea resting on Servomuto. It’s time to sleep and the bed Ricordi is the shelter that accompanies this private mo-ment with simplicity and empathy, the Sgabillo and the small tables Echino serve as night tables in an unusual matching.The sofa William, the armchair Oliva and the coffee table Arabesco CM design a perfect antechamber, useful to wait for those who are preparing…before you go out, don’t forget the scarf hanging from the Sciangai!

In this new concept of home the green of plants cannot miss, an increasingly im-portant and integrating presence to share the interior environments with: in the winter garden created by the combination of the flower pot-stands Albero, the chair Dan with straps and the Cumano folding table remind of a natural space that inspires, purifies and regenerates. 

A series of illustrations by Michele Bernardi and Penelope Jossen reproduced in nat-ural size, insert people caught in spontaneous actions of their daily life into the back-ground of the setting, becoming the protagonists of the stories told by Zanotta with Back to emotions.