Chiasso / The exhibition “Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) visionario.


L’alfabeto allestitivo di un designer regista” opens on May 31st at M.A.X. Museum in Chiasso (Switzerland).

The celebrations for Achille Castiglioni’s centenary also go on outside the Italian borders. The M.A.X. Museum in Chiasso celebrates the visionary architect with a show where sketches, models, video-presentations and original objects that highlight the perfect combination of simplicity and irony which have characterized the depth of his ideas and ability to build spaces in collaboration with the graphic designers, particularly the Swiss Max Huber. For Zanotta, the company which the architect Castiglioni worked for various decades with, some pieces of the Servi collection, the stool Mezzadro and the rocking seat Sella are displayed.