Exhibition in partnership: "DNA, i geni dell'automobile nell'industrial design" in Turin.

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A double exhibition organised by MAUTO- Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin and ADI Design Museum - Compasso d'Oro in Milan: two exhibition venues to tell the story of the relationship between industrial design and car design, the Milanese school and the Turin school, two cities that look at each other in a way that is not always linear.  
In Milan, a red Cisitalia 202, identical to the one in MoMA's collection, is on display in the Compasso d'Oro gallery, in an installation that evokes the MoMA of the 1970s.
In Turin, MAUTO has given a large space in the permanent exhibition itinerary to an exhibition that investigates the relationship 'design-car design' by exhibiting for the first time a selection of works by the greatest car designers, when they explored different fields.
Among the design products on display is Zanotta's Mezzadro designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957 using the Ready-Made composition method. A design stool derived from four 'ready-made' components: a tractor seat is attached, by means of a racing bike cockerel, to a chrome-plated steel stem, derived from a wagons-lit crossbow, which engages in a Cutty-Sark brigantine wood spindle that acts as a base.

photo credits Giuliano Berti