Hornu / Zanotta at the exhibition Plant Fever, When the designer gets to green at CID Centre d'Innovation et de Design

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Plant Fever is an exhibition focusing on the potential hidden in the plants with the aim to look at the future of human beings and design under a new vegetal perspective. The iconic pot-holder Albero by Achille Castiglioni has been chosen as a furnishing solution that well embodies this vision.

Plant Fever, ranging from design objects to research on materials, open source devices to emerging technologies, explores the current solutions and the future scenarios of possible interactions with the vegetal world, exhibiting objects that help people understanding the plants.

When designing and customizing the interiors, the “greenery” has more and more become an important presence to live with. Taking this aspect into account, the Zanotta’s flower pot holder allows to create an impressive vertical garden with one or more elements put side by side, making the home  a more natural environment that inspires, purifies and regenerates.