Zanotta at the exhibition "Achille Castiglioni and brothers: Master of Italian Design" in Seoul

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The exhibition "Achille Castiglioni and brothers: Master of Italian Design", that took place at the Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul from 16th January to 26th April last, investigates the private and professional lifes of Achille, Livio and Pier Giacomo on the background of Italy's cultural dynamics in the last 60 years.The setting was inspired to the project originality of the Castiglioni brothers, that generated objects later become real design icons, among which we count many Zanotta pieces, still in collection, like: the seats Sella and Mezzadro (1957), the seat Allunaggio (1965) that anticipated the conquer of the moon, the working table Leonardo (1969), the flowerpot stand Albero (1983) and the folding table Cumano (1978).