Zanotta attends the exhibition "Genova Sessanta. Arti visive, architettura e società" at Palazzo Reale, Genoa

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The stool/small table Sgabillo designed by Max Bill in 1950 - a micro-manifesto of modern and functional thought, natural embodiment of the principles of the Bauhaus - is exhibited in the exhibition Genova Sessanta at Palazzo Reale that relates the great transformations of the Ligurian capital in the Sixties of the twentieth century. 
A decade of profound changes due to the bursting of new ideas and renewed cultural stimuli, characterized by significant social changes, economic innovations and new languages that have marked an acceleration in the production of visual arts. On display the shots of important photographers, architectural drawings, design furnishings, advertising graphics, industrial objects, paintings and sculptures testify to the cultural ferment of Genoa in those years that saw the passage of authors of absolute foreground, including Max Bill who established productive relationships with the Genoese art galleries of that period.
The exhibition is open from April 14 to July 31, 2022.