Zanotta: Urban Passion

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Excise Buildings at Porta Garibaldi in Milan

The city: a place to live, a space to inhabit.
Personalised living space: furniture for interpreting the lifestyles of people who enjoy their homes.

The charming architecture of the old Excise Buildings has been adapted to represent an imaginary place. This space is inhabited by people with widely varying interests and lifestyles, all united by a common urban landscape and geographic identity: Milan.
Zanotta once again places people's individual needs, habits, tastes and passions to the forefront as the focus of design, offering a unique lens through which to look inside the home.

The shop-window overlooking the square shows to the public the new Shiki sofa by Damian Williamson in Tocco fabric, together with the new Graphium coffee table by Garcia Cumini with Sahara Noir marble top and the Sacco chair by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro, embellished with the original geometric pattern Tulip.

Space on the ground floor is arranged in a sequence of elegantly styled vignettes characterised by natural materials like leather, marble, glass and wood and is harmonised by reassuringly balanced combinations of warm colours and delicate shades. In the lounge, the new Shiki sofa, an elegant and sartorial interpretation of the traditional Japanese futon, dialogues with Oliva armchairs, inspired by the shape of an open shell. The dining room, bedroom and studio are animated by Zanotta products from recent collections alongside long-standing brand icons like the Reale table and Fenis chair by Mollino, the Tonietta table and chairs by Enzo Mari and the Sciangai coat stand by De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi, to name but a few. These environments allude to refined tastes and evoke cultural interests like reading, travel and classical music.

On the first floor, Zanotta has imagined a modern, eclectic space with two lounge areas. One is ideal for welcoming and entertaining guests while the other, more informal and more closely aligned with the dining area, forms a larger, multifunctional living space better suited to shared moments of relaxation and the enjoyment of personal passions. Furnishings include items of highly personal design, like Sacco, Allunaggio, Elipse and Quaderna, which describe the dynamic and exuberant social mood of the occupants in a playful language. Highly personal objects of design, and distinctive colour contrasts playfully create a dynamic, exuberant and social mood. The night zone produces the perfect atmosphere to induce relaxation with the Talamo fabric bed and Marco Zanuso's Maggiolina armchair in a gold finish.

Design Concept Studio Calvi Brambilla

Styling Studio Salaris