Archetypes: Leonardo


The working table designed by Achille Castiglioni

Designer Achille Castiglioni

Design year

Typology trestle worktable

naturally evaporated beech wood

plated in white laminate or tempered plate glass

adjustable height

trestle 51x86cm; h.63/89cm; top 100x200cm

Museums Museo del Design 1880-1980, Milano -Thessaloniki Design Museum, Saloniki - Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Developed from the type of worktable that is timeless, and was much loved by Achille Castiglioni who wanted to create one for his studio in Piazza Castello in Milan. With Zanotta, Achille Castiglioni perfected a calibrated version of the table for industrial design use, highly accurate both in shape detail and finish. Leonardo is one of Zanotta’s historical products that has become an established international reference piece.

Leonardo represents the first industrial re-elaboration of the classic artist’s trestle table, and has had enormous success amongst professionals and industrial employees. It’s adjustable thanks to two simple wooden pegs, which create five different heights from 65cm to 91cm; the trestle legs are composed of 6 elements in evaporated beech wood, assembled to form a small piece of domestic architecture; the top, ample and resistant, is in tempered plate glass or plywood covered with white laminate plastic, two rubber supports stabilize the trestles.