Calamo, a contemporary desk.

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A furnishing object that completes the house in a flexible way.

“The target audience for this console-desk is me. The target is made up by young professionals who have a home-office and want to complete it in a functional way without giving up a certain grace and style”. Gabriele Rosa is a young designer from Rome who signed some multi-functional and dynamic pieces in the latest years for Zanotta (the mirror Pablo, 2008 and the range of upholstered and equipped elements Party, 2012).2013 is the year of the console-desk Calamo, that is inspired by the style of the Party collection, fitting the eclectic rooms for which it was designed. The structural features are consequential: steel frame painted in the shades chrome, black or graphite, with a cover in cowhide pigmentato for the top and a storage space, accessible with a drop-leaf opening. “The identity of Calamo is made of rigor, simplicity and refinement of materials. First of all the cowhide pigmentato, chosen for providing warmth and softness to the touch while using the top. Then the metal finish, highlighting the linearity of piece with elegance”, the designer explains, who regarding this desk also mentions a quote by Cesare Pavese: “It's nice to write because it brings together the two joys, talking to himself and talking to a crowd”.“The note from the author’s diary is very topical in the era of global communication, of web and social networks. It’s a time when people seem to write more than in the past, even if often they do it in a hasty and compulsive way.

The desk acts as a place to concentrate, with the thin top to write at the computer and work in the living room or in the bedroom”, Rosa continues. “With this design, I tried to transform a traditional furniture piece into something lighter, comfortable and versatile: not an old writing desk with drawers overflowing with paper but a furniture piece, that is essential both in functionality and aesthetics, that can be placed in various home environments.”Undoubtedly the writing desk still maintains a great charm in the collective imagination and the aim of Calamo is to make the proportions and shapes lighter, for the exigencies of a contemporary public, as the designer explains: “this is the reason why I preferred to keep reduced sizes, a light frame with a very thin top, adding a storage space that is the distinctive mark of this project, entirely made of cowhide. This space can be used for tablets, keys and coins or for holding a fountain pen and a diary, for those people who are nostalgic and don’t want to share their thoughts with the web.”