Design icon: Blow

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The Blow inflatable armchair was designed in 1967 by Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi (with Scolari).
Blow, the first Italian inflatable design object, soon became the symbol of the new free and light style, and represented the embodiment of the utopian design project by Marcel Breuer as an article of furniture supported by a column of air, in addition to confirming how Zanotta has consistently combined research and the promotion of experimental products to an evolved public over the years.

In the wake of their success at the 1968 Furniture Show, the designers created other visionary inflatable objects in transparent PVC, such as those displayed in the Pneumatic Hall at the 2nd Eurodomus Show in Turin. 

Although the armchair is currently out of production, Blow is nowadays considered a symbolic object of the legendary ‘60s, one of the most important “pop” items and as such it is taken as a model of the social and cultural changes of those years.