Kent armchair, comfort and elegance.


The upholstered range by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, both sensual and statuesque, splits in three: a bergère, an armchair and a pouf. Inspired by the Fifties/Sixties.

Kent is a piece of furniture that since its launch in April 2013 has got remarkable feedback both from the trade users as well as from the public. A range of seating for the living room with elegant and comfortable look, in-between the north European classic and the US modern style, as architect Roberto Palomba confirms: “the reasons of Kent success are more than one: the sexy and cosy shape, the right range of fabric and leather covers, the alluring design. We – Ludovica and I – were inspired by the Arne Jacobsen’ historic seats of the Fifties and Sixties, that also continued to cross-reference overseas. Regarding the ergonomic setting, making it a high-comfort piece, it is based on harmonious curves for the backrest and sides and on the fact that cushion is built-in the seat creating a unicum, that emphasizes the statuesque and monolithic frame. An absolute comfort, even under the technical point of view.”

An armchair, a high-backed bergére and a footrest with swivel base that Palomba imagined to be in warm and sensual shades since the first sketches. “The tweed fabric looked ideal. Kent is like a charming and elegant woman, with a certain determination, and as a matter of fact, in the early days of its launch, I kept on mispronouncing the vowel in “Kant” like Diabolik’s Eva an irreplaceable partner....It is not by chance that Kent in its three versions is a padded object between vintage and futurism. A seat for the contemporary living room that actually could be designed twenty years ago or even a century ago. This is why the shapes and materials are in some way iconic and classic. They can be customized according to the preferred style and décor.”

In the Kent range the upholstery in self-extinguishing graduated polyurethane foam (heat bound polyester fibre) matches a removable fabric or leather cover, in many colours and materials. Both the armchair, as well as the bergére and the pouf feature a swivel base in painted steel, in the shades chrome, black or graphite; the frame is made of steel.