Pianoalto, changing scenery


The sofa system designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba offers many solutions playing on the alternation of the upholstered elements and their diverse depths.

For three years we’ve been studying a new upholstery concept that has a familiar mood and impeccable comfort, allowing the sitting room to be lived in for anything from conversation to pure relax. We wanted it to be of an elegance that was both simple and distinctive, without trying to astound, as if its shape was already in the DNA of the contemporary consumer. Finally, joining our capacities with Zanotta’s product development office, Pianoalto was created; the seat is raised from the floor and appears to be suspended, the casing houses the padded part with the cushions forming a sort skyline in the sitting room», says Roberto Palomba architect, describing the formation of the Pianoalto modular sofas. Thanks to the seat which incorporates the base, and the inward positioning of the legs, a suspended appearance is created; added to this is the innovative camber of the backrests and seating which permits exceptional ergonomic comfort. Pianoalto is made up of a series of interchangeable elements offering many different solutions: sofas, chaise longue units, corner pieces without armrests, poufs, for creating traditional monobloc sofas and modular sofas for 4, 6, 8 seats or more. The combination of the elements can form linear or corner solutions, or more flexible arrangements. The frame is entirely in steel, the upholstery in diverse density polyurethane foam has separate quilted inserts in goose feathers for the seat, giving outstanding contact comfort; for the backrest and armrests quilted inserts of goose feathers and polyester fiber flakes make them less deformable. On top of the quilted sections a layer of Dacron DuPont creates uniformity, softness and total product comfort. «One of the key elements of Pianoalto has been stitch analysis for the fabric covers, the precise positioning of which is important for a good aesthetic and functional result», explains Palomba. «Textiles cover a crucial role in this system and create new identities. From a selection of 200 different fabrics we’ve chosen the most suitable and up-to-date ones». High quality fibers – linen, textured cotton and natural canvas – co-ordinated with a collection of small, matching decorative cushions in goose down made by artisans. The alternation of textured fabrics, quilting, piping and mélange colors creates a very new and refined result.