Tod, find a friend in the coffee table


Design by Todd Bracher

It may amaze you to hear that I found inspiration for the coffee table Tod in Cindy Crawford! Well, while studying her portrait I thought she was undeniably a beautiful woman, but there was a certain something that made her special and won her admiration worldwide: her very special beauty spot was a distinctive mark of charm. At this point I decided that, as a designer, I should define that “beauty spot” and turn it into an item that would fit into any room… ». Hence, Tod’s creation, a strong and yet discrete accessory born of the creative spirit of Todd Bracher, the young designer from New York. Zanotta has produced it successfully since 2005. This coffee table has a polyethylene frame and glossy coloured lacquer that perfectly resists even outdoors. It can be placed near all seat types in either classical or modern settings. «We must mention – says Bracher – that the special lacquering, which was rather innovative a few years ago when Tod was launched, enhances the coffee table with exceptional refinement, making it a high-end product. The wide choice of colours too makes it a highly “fashionable” item». Produced with the rotational mould method, it is a small jewel of modern industrial design. «I created it as an all-round element that could sustain both physical and visual space by easily matching either a sofa or a bed. A versatile furnishing item that would add appeal to the spot where it stands. Naturally the coffee table that took shape in my mind was not meant to play a “key” role in a certain setting, but the room would never have been the same again without it…Tod’s very shape plays a functional role: it stretches curving upwards to be useful without removing physical or visual space», says the designer. «The coffee table’s organic quality visually links the floor and the table top. The series of harmonious ellipses contrast with the usual rectangular beds and sofas beside which it is placed. The coffee table is designed with the awareness that it could never stand alone, always requiring something near it». The object Tod is practically monomaterial, with over 90 per cent of polyethylene and a small steel component in the reinforcement placed under the base – to stabilise the frame. This part can be easily disassembled and, hence, disposed of separately. A small item charged with an impressive personality.