Rome/ Arabesco, Quaderna and Mombasa among the main characters of the "Quirinale contemporaneo" project

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From June 2nd, Italian Republic Day, art works, furnishings and design objects enter the Quirinale thanks to the "Quirinale contemporaneo" project, strongly supported by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Zanotta is proud to announce that the Arabesco coffee table (homage to Carlo Mollino, 1949) the Quaderna console table (design Superstudio, 1970) and the chest-of-drawer Mombasa (design Ettore Sottsass, 1989) are part of the setting, as they are considered representative of the Italian history of Design and the ability to create timeless products of high quality.

The artistic heritage of the Quirinale is enriched and is thus broadened with a significant range of Italian contemporary art. 36 works by the most important artists and 32 objects, designed by Italian designers and made by Italian companies, find a stable place in the courtyards, in the rooms and in the gardens of the Palace that houses the Presidency of the Republic.

Palazzo del Quirinale, Sala delle Fabbriche di Paolo V, tavolino Arabesco di Carlo Mollino, foto Massimo Listri 2019, su concessione del Segretario Generale della Presidenza della Repubblica 

Palazzo del Quirinale, Ex-cappella degli Uditori di Rota, consolle Quaderna di Superstudio, foto Massimo Listri 2019 su concessione del Segretario Generale della Presidenza della Repubblica

Palazzo del Quirinale, Palazzina Gregoriana, cassettiere Mombasa di Ettore Sottsass, foto Massimo Listri 2021 su concessione del Segretario Generale della Presidenza della Repubblica.