Zanotta launches the new catalogue

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Zanotta: is now is the representation of daily life and of contemporary living. Zanotta is in people's homes. Browsing the new catalogue you enter twelve real homes, inhabited and lived by different personalities, real protagonists of their own space. A collection of experiences, passions and stories in which Zanotta products are an integral part. 

Zanotta is the place where the staging of everyday life unfolds in continuous evolution. Where the essence of design generates authentic emotions because each object has a story. Each place has a history. To tell. To live. Zanotta believes in an idea of a home based on quality and long-lasting products, that become lifetime partners. The Zanotta catalogue is a kaleidoscope of materials, forms, innovative solutions, and functions that might never have been seen before. Furnishing pieces and accessories capable of establishing pleasant relationships. Products with a soul that become part of the story and of people’s story, finding their ideal space. The pieces of Zanotta collection are designed to fit without pretending to belong to a style, alongside other products through the stratification of experiences and passions that characterizes each house making it unique and with its own identity. Each time this happens differently, sometimes unexpectedly, because it is interpreted by different people. Zanotta is plurality of people, authors, languages, products.

The concept of the catalogue Zanotta: is now reflects the values and philosophy of the brand by proposing sequence of lifestyle shots set spontaneously and without too much construction, inside the home of people caught in a real action of their dai-ly life. The use of flash is introduced to fix the moment of the gesture and the in-teraction with Zanotta products chosen for their home.

Zanotta: is now | Structure 
The trade catalogue begins with the alphabetical index of the products and a short story of the brand, then presents the twelve stories interspersing the narration with the product sections. The 310 products in the collection are in fact shown one by one grouped by type and function: sofas, armchairs, tables-night tables-benches, chairs-small armchairs-stools, tables-console tables-desks, beds, furnishing accessories. At the end is the technical compendium with the sequence of the product sheets.The texts of the catalogue are conceived as handwritten notes in the first person. Just a few and short. Often even just a sentence to leave the story to the images.

Zanotta: is now | The Stories 
A multifaceted trip with twelve stops. Twelve stories and people, each with their own history, with their own lives, with their own passions. The stories are announced by a double cover page with a title - which is a quote from the inhabitant or an evocative phrase about the house - and the name of the person who speaks and is portrayed.
The inhabitants of the 12 houses: Marialaura Rossiello Irvine; Elizabeth Le Van Kim; Melissa Arroni and Emanuele Nardoni; Gianluca Vitiello; Ludovica and Roberto Pa-lomba; Marco Bernocchi; Piero Gemelli; Sandra Casagrande and Roberto Recalcati; Domenico Romeo; Sergio Venuti; Malcolm Cosenza; Enrico Forestieri. 
The photographer of the stories is Pietro Baroni (1977). Leica Ambassador and self-research-oriented artist. His path explores the ways in which the human being builds himself in the world, in the social and natural space that surrounds him. He has travelled to more than 40 countries around the world to collect and breathe human stories. Body, identity, and emotions are the focuses of his work and the points of contact with Zanotta's approach to design and project.

Zanotta: is now | The product sections
Each section opens with a short text that describes the category, has a reference colour (also maintained in the technical compendium) and is accompanied by a visual index with the icons of the products in the order in which they are found when brows-ing the section: first the latest news, then the products considered more iconic and to follow all the others. All the page numbers on which the product is located, both set and in still life, are reported below each icon to facilitate consultation.
Sales driver: each product is defined with a phrase indicating the main and distinctive components of the project.
In-depth boxes tell in detail the project of some historical products that have become a symbol of the brand through archive texts and sketches.

Zanotta: is now | Technical compendium
In order to make the consultation as fluid as possible, the product sheets are pre-sented in alphabetical order within the same subdivision into sections identified by the reference colour: Sofas; Armchairs; Tables-night tables-benches, Chairs-armchairs-stools, Tables-console tables-desks, Beds-mattresses-pillows, Furnishing accessories.
The product sheets include technical information, finishes and dimensions. For the sofas also some compositions with their dimensions.

download the PDF version of the catalogue