Zanotta together with Microsoft for the house of innovation.

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Openness, collaboration, flexibility and innovation: these are the cornerstones of Microsoft House, Microsoft Italia’s headquarters in Viale Pasubio 21 in Milan, in the lively district of Porta Volta.

Microsoft House, therefore, is an open space for collaboration between people, a place for companies and citizens to meet and discuss the opportunities that digital has to offer, a hub for young people who want to develop innovation in Italy and a workshop for everyone, where it is possible to experience the future of Italy’s economic and social growth.
Zanotta is proud to announce the partnership with the prestigious headquarter giving a special supply: the suggestive tables Orione by Roberto Barbieri and Reale, homage to Carlo Mollino, with special finishes especially made-up for this project, the armchairs Liza, design by Lievore, Altherr, Molina and Lia by Roberto

Zanotta affirms again its aptitude to combine history and tradition with desire innovation. Just like the Redmond Giant.