Salone del Mobile 2022

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The Zanotta stand in Pav. 16 at Salone is a tribute to Quaderna 50th anniversary.

Zanotta started the celebrations in April, introducing three unprecedented pieces: one coffee table, one desk and one rug, a special piece that is a tribute by Zanotta to Superstudio, replicating a sketch of an unprecedented Istogramma by the Cristiano Toraldo di Francia Archives.
The celebrations for Quaderna went on during the Design Week. The stand at Salone sported a total chequered look. The setting by studio Calvi Brambilla with the styling by Studio Salaris interpreted the Re-Connecting theme inspired by the histogram theory of Superstudio, from which Quaderna originated.
Entering Hall 16, the Zanotta stand looked like an imposing chequered architecture, a volume defined and divided by an equipotential and infinite mesh, which ideally connects places to people, where everything is part of a reaction and establishes an interaction. Zanotta suggests a representation of contemporary life, suspended between the real and virtual world, where geographical boundaries are torn down and cities are interconnected, part of a single urban fabric. A chequered world where seven housing scenarios were discovered, in which the products of the 2022 collection were set: seven houses in which to look inside, all in different cities but all synchronized at either sunset or dawn, in those moments when, with the shadows, the landscape becomes uniform and the morphology is lost in a fluid and continuous urban mesh.