Zanotta presents Gomma designed by De Pas, D'Urbino e Lomazzi

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On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Zanotta, a leading name of radical Italian design worldwide, presented a re-edition of the iconic Gomma armchair originally designed in 1970 by Jonathan De Pas, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi.

The trio of young architects, characterised by a joyful vision of living, designed Gomma, an emblematic piece that reflects the spirit and energy of pop design at the time.
The three designers, known for their ability to combine functionality and aesthetics in an innovative way, have created works that not only meet practical needs but also convey a strong visual and emotional impact.

The Gomma armchair, with its foam rubber frame, perfectly represents this philosophy. The material chosen for the seat and backrest is not only a technical solution, but also a stylistic statement. Foam rubber offers a softness and flexibility that invites you to sit and relax, transforming the act of sitting into an enveloping and comfortable experience.
The choice of this material, typical of the period, fits into the broader context of pop culture, which favours playful shapes, brightcolours and an informal approach to everyday life. In terms of construction, the armchair has a multilayer wooden frame with elastic strip springing and solid beech wood feet, which give the entire seat strength and stability.
The removableupholstery is made of polyurethane foam with vegetable based polyols, which guarantees comfortand environmental awareness. Another distinctive aspect of the Gomma armchair is its glue-free assembly, reflecting a focus on sustainability and easy disassembly and recycling of materials. Finally, the removable fabric upholstery allows for easy maintenance and the possibility to customise the look of the armchair according to the client's taste.

Jonathan De Pas, Donato D'Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi have infused their expressive synthesis in the field of design, characterised by a combination of simplicity and innovation, into Gomma.
The armchair is not just a piece of furniture, but a symbol of their ability to see beyond the limits of traditional design. This piece embodies a vision of living that is both practical and playful, a quality that has made their work iconic in the contemporary design scene.

The Gomma armchair is not only an example of good design, but also a reflection of the cultural and social context of the 1970s, a period when design was exploring new frontiers and breaking with the conventions of the past. This revolutionary approach helped make the Gomma armchair an enduring symbol of modern design, still evoking the dynamism and optimism of that era.