Zanotta House Nyc_rider Zanotta House Nyc_swimmingpool Zanotta House Nyc_interno e esterno

Zanotta House New York was a new sign

Not a showroom, not an exhibition space, but a house. Zanotta House New York experimented with a new way of interpreting space and design in the evolution of the needs of contemporary living in a historical moment in which the relationship between home and city, private and public sphere, internal and external, had to be rethought with a more fluid and evolved approach, less rigid, more respectful of people.

In this sense, the project became the synthesis of a precise vision that, in a hybridization perspective, interpreted the spaces of living by exploiting its ability to separate and connect at the same time. 

This was Zanotta's idea: a house designed to be dynamic and flexible, where products are at the service of those who use them, and things evolve like life following the osmotic dialogue between the social and intimate dimension.

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